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A great cover: elusive and necessary.

You know you need a cover that makes your creation shine, if you ever want it to stand out in stores and on shelves. As a wordsmith, your skills likely don’t lean in the visual direction.

That’s where I come in.

I’ll help you mine your writing for details and snippets that translate to compelling visuals. Your project will have a cover crafted just for it, not chosen from a sea of generic templates. With an outside perspective and bookworm’s heart, I’ll help steer your cover away from the ordinary and into the superb. Photo-based, type-based, and abstract covers are all fair game here.

As for all of the other design materials that go with promoting your creation? I can help with most of those as well. From page layout to social media graphics to bookmarks, this design powerhouse will be in your corner. Ready to get started?

Cover Design Services

Let's find your creation's visual voice.
The Pageturner Design Bundle
Book Cover, Author Website, Promo Materials
A design bundle specifically for small publishers and indie authors,
with everything you need to pimp your book.
Let’s Dive In!Read More

Individual Services

  • Book Covers (print, ebook, audio)
  • Magazine Covers
  • Interior Page Layout
  • Album Covers
  • Author Websites/Blogs
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Naming Help
  • Printed Promo Materials
  • Get a Quote

Brainstorm That Cover

Resources to get you thinking about your cover design strategically

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Want to have the best book cover possible?

This list of 50 questions will help you work with your cover designer to uncover the details most likely to lead to a unique, compelling cover.

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The 3 A’s of Cover Design

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