Pyles Communication Moving Notice

Moving notice accordion card for Pyles Communications. 2005.

This was created while I was working as a junior designer at Pyles Communications. The firm was moving the office to a new location, and needed a way to tell past and current clients easily. I was given the task of coming up with a fun way to announce it, rather that just saying ‘we’re moving.’

After many ideas tossed out, I hit upon this.The concept plays off of the dot from the Pyles logo, and the old Dick and Jane reading primers (see Spot run, etc.). I kept the imagery simple, in line with the both the inspiration and the message. The card is an accordion tri-fold. When folded, you’d see only the initial See Dot panel, and a solid yellow panel with the red dot on the back. The cards were mailed in translucent vellum envelopes, so recipients could see those two panels and be intrigued/enticed to open it.

Overall, the feedback was that everyone loved it – recipients, the firm’s owner, and myself. This is still one of my favorite pieces.

Pyles Communications Moving Notice

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