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The Newbie Design Bundle

You’ve got an awesome new business in the works – but not a design bone in your body.

It’s ok. We all have our strengths. Yours is the thing your new business offers. You’re excited about it, you’re good at it, and you’ve got a plan to get your business rolling. You’re savvy enough to realize you need some branding to go with it. And maybe you have an inkling that branding is important enough to make sure it’s in expert hands. Your visual branding (your logo, business cards, and online presence) is your first impression on potential customers, before they ever hear your pitch or read your copy. You want to make sure you invest in good design that fits your vision and gets it right, from the beginning. You want to catch the attention of customers, and make them curious. The Newbie Design Bundle* will help you do just that.

Sure, you could try to do it all yourself. There’s online DIY software for just about everything these days, including cobbling together a logo or a website. But here’s the thing: today’s consumer base is a discerning bunch. They value quality and enthusiasm and brands with personality. They want to see you put as much care into every aspect of your business as you do in the services or products you’re offering. If you don’t care about your business enough to invest in good design, it will show. And customers will wonder why they should care about coming back- or signing on to begin with.

And let’s be honest, don’t you already have a million things on your to-do list? As a new business owner, you’re going to have plenty to handle just getting things running and dealing with the inevitable bumps that come up. Pro tip from a veteran: running a successful business means delegating things that aren’t in your wheelhouse of skills. Good design is better left to the professionals who have experience creating just that. You want your brand’s visual identity to be in good hands, don’t you? Sometimes that means admitting the best hands aren’t yours.

You don’t have to act like a newbie when it comes to your branding.

Focus on all of the other areas of getting your new venture up and running, and let me take the lead on design. I’ll take your vision of the business you want to create and vibe you want to give off, and make it a visual reality. We’ll turn that into a logo, business card, and website to build the foundation of your new brand.

The Newbie Design Bundle provides you with a unique logo that serves as the base for your general look and color scheme; a coordinating business card design so you can get networking; and a fresh new website so customers can easily find you online and see what you offer. And putting all of that on my plate frees you up to focus on the other most important thing: your core service or product.

The Newbie Design Bundle clients can rest easy knowing you will:

  • Have a logo that is custom-made for your new venture and captures its personality
  • Reach potential customers through a fresh website that lets you keep your info up to date easily
  • Have crisp new business cards to hand out and reinforce your brand’s image
  • Increase recognition factor because your new look is so polished and consistent
  • Start your new business off on the right foot and make a great first impression on potential customers

The Newbie Design Bundle
For new entrepreneurs, freelancers & small biz owners
Custom made logo
Coordinating design for business cards
Visual brand guidelines
Customized WordPress site to give you a simple start that’s easy to update and add to

Game On!Get started

Fill out the form, and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours, weekends excepted. Payment is due up front to hold your spot in my work schedule, as well as a signed contract for peace of mind (on both of our parts). Once those are taken care of and the designated spot in the calendar arrives, we dive in talking about your business- the personality and impression you want to convey, type of services/products, etc. Once we’ve nailed down your brand’s values and personality, I get to work designing. The logo is first, then the coordinating business card. Your spiffy new website will be the final step in the bundle. Afterwards, you’ll be all set, visually, to launch your new business!

Logo design includes:

  • 3 initial concepts. Sent as .pdf proofs via email.
  • Chose 1 concept to move forward with.
  • 3 rounds of minor revisions are included, if needed.
  • Final logo files for web, print, and alternate presentations are provided.

Business card design includes::

  • 1 general design concept based off of and expanding the look established with the new logo.
  • 2 rounds of minor edits included, if needed.
  • Build-out of cards for all employees who need them.
  • You provide the info for all people
  • Final files for print will be handed over to you and/or your chosen printer.
WordPress website design includes:

  • Discussion with you about any features or functionality that will be needed.
  • Research of existing themes that meet your functionality needs.
  • Choice of one new theme as the base to build off of.
  • Development of the new design/skin on that theme’s foundation on my test server for you to preview.
  • Up to 3 rounds of revisions.
  • Install of WordPress on your site’s hosting, if not already done.
  • Initial setup of page structure, menus, widgets, etc.
  • Input of initial content, as provided by you.
  • In-depth walkthrough on how to add/edit menus, posts, pages, images, sidebars, etc. in the WordPress admin area.

Working with me will ensure your new business has a streamlined, cohesive look that makes you look like a pro.

Let me handle the design nitty gritty.

You just focus on figuring out how your new business will operate.



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Fine Print

Your new WordPress site will require you to purchase a domain name and hosting, if you don’t already have these. This amount is not included in my fee, but is a separate purchase you must make on your own. I can advise re: where to buy & what kind of hosting plan is needed.

Payment is due at time of booking, via my booking site. In the event you need to cancel before work starts, 25% will be retained as a cancellation fee. If work has already commenced, a minimum of 50% of the fee will be retained, and possibly more depending on the extent of work already completed.

I will not straight-up copy another business’ logo or website design.

*Yes, gaming/gamer reference. I plead guilty.

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