Why Visual Branding?

You’ve got a solid offering, good people skills and a game plan.

But so do tons of other business owners. You’re looking for any edge that helps keep your business from being one of those failure statistics – you know, those ones that say 50% of businesses don’t make it past their 5th year? Yikes. So here’s something to consider:

The first impression your business has on a potential customer is often a visual one.

Before they read any words, their eyes have absorbed the way those words (and images) are presented. Those have impact and effect. They can speak and work for your business, or hinder it.

So, my dear business owner, two questions:

  1. What are your current design materials saying about your business?
  2. If branding is the thing that can give you an edge in your marketplace, why wouldn’t you invest in that?

Here’s how I can help your business thrive:


Full Visual Branding Package

Whether you’re re-branding an established business or starting a new one, this is everything you need to get off the ground with great visual branding.
  • Brand Exploration
  • Logo Design
  • WordPress Website
  • Social Media Avatars and Headers
  • Print Collateral (2)
  • Brand Guidelines
+ sales tax if you are in Texas

It’s hard to find someone outside of the company who cares enough to help create a vision and handle the important branding aspects of a design project. That’s what we needed, and Amanda was able to be that visionary for our company while working as a consultant.

The project plan was laid out specifically and concisely, and she followed it, but was also able to be flexible where needed, researching and filling in the blanks around our ideas. I am very happy with her work for us and would easily recommend her services.

Lawrence Sasso

Founder, Austonian Spirits

OK, so how does this work?

Click that big green button to book your branding package. It will ask for a 50% deposit ($2,000), payable via PayPal or CC. Sales tax will be added to the final invoice at project end, if applicable. Once you are booked, I’ll be in touch with a standard contract for us both to sign, for peace of mind on both sides. I’ll also let you know what our timeline is for getting started, and give you a tailored-to-you copy of my branding questionnaire to work through. When our start date arrives, we’ll go over your answers to the questionnaire together to make sure everything’s clear, and then I’ll get to work.

I make the process as easy and straightforward as possible, but am happy to answer any questions along the way. If you have some before you book, you can reach me here.

Sound good?

This full visual branding package is not considered booked until the deposit has been received and the contract has been signed.