A Special Holiday Offer

for the Austin Editors Guild,
and their friends and family.

When it comes to words, you are a master.

You can craft and shape them into the proper form without breaking a sweat. The writing on your website and business materials shines with professionalism and clarity. Your brand voice is saying exactly what you want it to say.

But what about your visual branding?

How your business looks is just as important as what it says. Choices about fonts, colors, and layout can say just as much as actual words to a potential customer. If your visual branding is a mess, they might not even stick around to read your beautifully crafted words. Have you ever been shopping for something online, only to take one look at a store’s site and decide it was too sketchy to purchase from? You don’t want that to be your business!

Maybe design isn’t in your skillset. Or maybe you didn’t have the resources when you were first starting out to make design a priority. It happens, and hey – you and your business are still here, so you’ve made it work! But if you’re ready to level up your visual branding and make sure it’s speaking as clearly as your writing, this special offer is for you:


Brand Refresh for the New Year

Let’s put a new face on your business for 2018 and beyond.
  • Brand Exploration – to make sure your voice and visuals match
  • Simple WordPress Website – with a custom header image, if you don’t have a logo
  • Business Card Design – fresh new cards to get printed and get networking
Offer must be booked (deposit received and contract signed) by December 31, 2017 in order to receive this special bundle pricing.
+ sales tax if you are in Texas

This is $500 off what I would normally charge for these services. I want to help you give your business the best footing for success in the new year. What better way to start off 2018 than with a boost of confidence in your business?

Amanda provides excellent design services at a fair price. She is a great communicator and listener, and intuitively created what I had in mind. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on my site design and business cards. I’m also grateful for her approachability and her patience in reading my lengthy emails!

Kamila Forson

Freelance Copy Editor

OK, so how does this work?

Click that big green button to book your brand refresh. It will ask for a 50% deposit ($875), payable via PayPal or CC. Sales tax will be added to the final invoice at project end, if applicable. Once you are booked, I’ll be in touch with a standard contract for us both to sign, for peace of mind on both sides. I’ll also let you know what our timeline is for getting started, and give you a copy of my branding questionnaire to work through. When our start date arrives, we’ll go over your answers to the questionnaire together to make sure everything’s clear, and then I’ll get to work.

I make the process as easy and straightforward as possible, but am happy to answer any questions along the way. If you have some before you book, you can reach me here.

Please note: I do work specifically with creative, lifestyle and leisure businesses, so if you are passing this offer along to friends or family outside of the editing/wordsmith world, keep that in mind!

Sound good?

Offer must be booked (deposit received and contract signed) by December 31, 2017 in order to receive this special bundle pricing.