Visusl Branding Services


Full Visual Branding Package

Everything your new business needs to get off the ground with great visual branding.
  • Brand Exploration
  • Logo Design
  • WordPress Website
  • Social Media Avatars and Headers
  • Print Collateral (2)
  • Brand Guidelines

Logo Design

If your design budget only has room for one thing, make it this one.
  • Brand Exploration
  • 3 Unique Concepts
  • Choose 1 to Move Forward With
  • 2 Rounds of Minor Revisions
  • Final Logo in Multiple Formats & Orientations

Brand Evaluation

For when you’re not sure where your branding stands or if a rebrand is needed.
I will look over your current visual branding, compare that with your stated goals and target market, and let you know a) how your current branding measures up and b) any suggested improvements to get you closer to the mark. This does not include any implementation of those improvements.
Aside from branding services, I do also work on fun things like book covers, invitations, and other design pieces for events. Feel free to reach out for a custom quote!

Working With Me

Some things to keep in mind:

  • A deposit and a signed contract are required before I begin any work. Deposits are nonrefundable.
  • I keep evenings and weekends free for family, friends, and non-work pursuits. My work hours/contact hours are Monday-Friday, 10:30am-5pm CST.
  • I do not do any animation, design in Office programs (which are not design programs), programming in Flash or programming with e-commerce or shopping carts.
  • I’m also not an illustrator, photographer, app developer, or pusher-of-mouse-while-you-look-over-my-shoulder.

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