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branding made for you

made for you

this is your one-stop full-service shop for branding – from core brand strategy to full brand build-outs.

made for you

unique, tailor-made branding that looks awesome, feels right and works hard for your business.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

  • As an accomplished CEO, you’re primed for a strategic brand framework that streamlines decision-making.
  • Whether your current brand is non-existent or a disjointed patchwork accumulated over time, you’re now seeking the clarity and confidence that a well-defined brand brings.
  • As a visionary entrepreneur, you’ve built your business around what truly lights you up. Now, you’re poised to propel it to new heights, and want to have all of the brand pieces in place to help you take it to that next level.
  • You’ve always known the importance of a powerful and consistent brand in achieving the business and life of your dreams. Now, you’re looking to turn that knowledge into reality by partnering with a brand designer who can bring your dreams to life with precision and impact.
  • DIY branding isn’t in your playbook, and you’re well aware of the value of finding the perfect collaborator to transform your vision into a magnetic reality.

Here’s what life in your business could look like with a strong, strategic brand in place:

  • You’ll be able to walk tall into any business meeting, confident that your business is putting its best foot forward and makes a fabulous, legit first impression.
  • You’ll have a clear, defined brand vision for your business that helps you steer it and make decisions across design, messaging, marketing and more.
  • You’ll have a streamlined content creation process – with brand guidelines and brand assets in place, creating any sort of content or collateral is easy. No more wasting time picking fonts or colors, finding files, or figuring out how something should look.
  • You’ll feel energized and aligned with your business: lit up inside, pumped, and gaining momentum because it all feels right and there’s strategy behind it to help you reach your goals.
  • You’ll be able to build a loyal audience through a consistent online presence, which equals more reach and impact.
Continuous line drawing of a business man with a frustration cloud over his head.

If you’re tired of:

  • Losing potential sales and opportunities because your branding is nonexistent and anyone viewing your online presence just sees a bunch of random things (not impressive, not building trust).
  • Being embarrassed to use your old logo or send people to an outdated or broken website.
  • Ongoing stress from working with less-than-ideal clients because you don’t have a clear, strong brand that attracts your dream clientele.
  • Constantly shifting gears because your marketing tactics aren’t ‘working’ when the real problem is the lack of a clear brand.
  • Feeling burnt out and drained by your business instead of lit up and energized by it.

And you’re ready for:

  • All the new opportunities that arise from showing up consistently now that you are proud of your brand.
  • More ease around business decisions as you have a core brand compass to help guide you.
  • Less frustration and overwhelm in managing everywhere your brand shows up: socials, collateral, website, etc.
  • Brand recognition that helps you build authority and credibility in your field.
  • The freedom and choices that come from leaving financial struggle behind and seeing real revenue growth.
  • The satisfaction of seeing your vision come to life and thrive.
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Then we need to talk.

Maximum Brand Liftoff

A longer term engagement where I act as your fractional Chief Brand Officer. You provide the vision, and I take it from there, putting together a in-depth strategy and building out your brand from logo suite and guidelines up through collateral and website.
Perfect to help align (or re-align) small teams, where you’re ready to delegate and trust in my expertise, and want a fully executed brand with solid strategy behind it, ready to launch you to your next level.

what’s included:

Strategize Your Brand

A half-day, in-depth brand strategy workshop so we can unearth all the facets and nuances of your brand, have concrete goals to aim for with how it’s built, and give you a clear path forward to realize the business and life of your dreams.

Premium Branding Base

Stylescapes to determine visual direction, and an expanded logo suite with color palette and typography, so we can be sure to craft a unique, memorable Look that helps your brand stand out from the crowd in a way that’s true to your vision.

Extensive Brand Guidelines

Extensive brand guidelines that cover your brand strategy, core brand, visual style, usage rules, and recommendations, so you can show up consistently, build recognition and credibility, and delegate content creation with ease.

Substantial Branded Assets

Icon design (20+), pattern design (2-4) and other custom graphics so you can create a great branded impression even in small details and moments.

Branded Document Templates

Branded document templates in Google Docs/Slides (3+), so you can have a consistent, cohesive brand across all materials, even if you’re handing off production to a team member.

Print Collateral

Print collateral (2+) so you’re primed for in-person events/meetings and can see how your brand comes to life in tangible pieces.

Social Media Assets Plus

Social media assets and templates, and setup of your Canva brand kit, so you (or your team) have an agile content creation process that helps you grow your audience with ease and impact.

Custom Website Design & Build

A WordPress website with a tailored build that includes the functionality you need to create a powerful customer journey, showcase your expertise, and build a shorter sales cycle.

How We’ll Work Together

1:1 brand strategy workshop and website strategy call (Zoom), as well as video presentations of design concepts (your choice of recorded Loom or live Zoom), so that we can dive deep, and you can easily tap into my expertise and give feedback as we bring your vision to life.

1:1 trainings during the project window as needed on website maintenance, brand implementation, etc. (your choice of recorded Loom or live Zoom)

Asana for project management, so we can stay organized with everything in one place.

Specialized Expertise

An in-depth brand strategy and brand archetype framework crafted just for you, so you can clearly establish your position in the marketplace and know how best to resonate with your ideal audience.

My accumulated knowledge on color theory, psychology, culture and accessibility, so you can rest assured your brand’s colors are saying what you want and visible to all.

My insider recommendations for hosting, plug-ins, copywriters and more, so you can save time finding the best option for your brand.

If needed, my assistance interfacing with printers or photographers, so you know your print pieces will turn out as desired and your photoshoot will be an on-brand triumph.


My help naming your company, products or services, if needed, so you can find the perfect name to capture and communicate your brand.

Lifetime access to the Divi theme on WordPress, so you never have to worry about a license running out or renewing it.

Unlimited access to my stock photo subscription for launch, so we can find unique photos that best capture your brand.

My assistance adding your branding to MailChimp, Kajabi, or other platforms in your business, so that you have a seamless brand experience literally everywhere.


Minimum of 3 months


$12,000 / month

Essential Brand Foundation

A 5-week collaboration where we make your brand vision a reality. We explore what you’re wanting to build with your brand, and different ways to bring that to life. Then I set you up with all of the visual brand essentials for your new direction.
Perfect for solopreneurs or partner-teams who need help clarifying what they want their brand to be and who they want it to reach, and translating that into a new brand for renewed confidence and momentum.

what’s included:

Explore Your Brand

A brand exploration worksheet and 1:1 call with me, so you’ll have a clear core brand to steer design, messaging, and more, and help you start being more strategic with business decisions.

Classic Branding Base

A full logo suite with color palette and typography, so you have the assets to make sure your brand creates a great first impression with your ideal audience, no matter where you’re showing up.

Standard Brand Guidelines

Standard brand guidelines that detail your core brand, visual style, usage rules, and recommendations, so you can be confident your brand is cohesive and aligned everywhere your brand lives.

Key Branded Assets

Icon design (8-10) and pattern design (1), so you can avoid stock-looking visuals and maintain brand cohesion as your brand plays out across materials.

Branded Document Templates

Branded document templates in Google Docs/Slides (2), so you’re prepared to output beautifully branded documents quickly and easily.

Print Collateral

Print collateral (2) so you can rest easy that your brand is consistent and cohesive even on physical pieces you can hold and touch.

Social Media Assets

Social media assets and templates, and video training on how to set up your Canva brand kit, so you can easily build a consistent online presence and start being recognizable.

Website Design & Build

A WordPress or Squarespace website that you can easily update on your own, so you can build a professional online presence, get found more easily, and reach more of your dream clients.

How We'll Work Together

1:1 kickoff call and website planning (both with worksheets!) so we can make sure we’re on the same page as we build out your brand.

Recorded video presentations and trainings so you can feel confident in understanding and implementing your new brand.

Asana for project management so we can stay organized with everything in one place.

Specialized Expertise

Light brand strategy during our brand exploration, so you can have a clearer idea of where you stand in the market and how to highlight why people should choose you.

My accumulated knowledge on color theory, psychology, culture and accessibility, so you can rest assured your brand’s colors are saying what you want and visible to all.

My insider recommendations for web hosting and plug-ins, so you can save time finding the best option for your brand.


Access to up to 20 photos from my stock photo subscription for launch, so we can find unique photos that best capture your brand.

My assistance adding your branding to MailChimp (or whatever email marketing system you use) so you can show off your new brand to your subscribers.


5 Weeks



Express Brand

A 2-day brand intensive, where we get your new brand up and running fast. You give me the skinny on what you’re hoping to build with your brand, and I give you streamlined building blocks to run with.
Perfect if you’re crunched for time on launching a brand and are comfortable building things yourself when there are guidelines and a framework to follow and you don’t have to fuss over visual details. Available set times each month.

what’s included:

Brainstorm Your Brand

A branding brainstorm worksheet to help you map everything out, so you’ll have a clearer sense of purpose and direction – no more brain full of messy, jumbled ideas.

Primary Branding Base

A logo, mark, color palette and font duo, so you have all the visual building blocks to create anything you need for your business.

Mini Brand Guidelines

Mini brand guidelines that cover your core brand and new visual style, so you can create any sort of content or collateral easily and quickly – no more dithering over colors or fonts!

Branded Asset Resource

PDF resource on where to find icons and patterns so you can expand the versatility of your Look.

Branded Document Training

Video training on how to customize your own Google Docs/Slides with your new Look, so you can feel legit at having a little extra oomph in your online documents.

Print Resource

PDF resource on printers with good templates for collateral so you can be confident in the impression your brand is making.

Pre-Made Social Templates

Pre-made social media templates you can customize, with video trainings on how to do that and how to set up your Canva brand kit, so you have less stress and confusion trying to create branded content.

Website Framework

Squarespace setup of a base template and your brand’s design details, so you can input content and build pages as you need, and have somewhere legit to send potential customers/clients.

How We'll Work Together

Email communication, PDFs, and recorded video presentations and trainings, so that you can reference resources or how-to’s whenever you need as you start using your new brand.

Specialized Expertise

My accumulated knowledge on color theory, psychology, culture and accessibility, so you can rest assured your brand’s colors are saying what you want and visible to all.


A web copy worksheet for you to work through on your own, at your own pace, and still have some guidance on what content should go where on your website as you put it together.


2 Days



Not sure which package is right for you? I can help point you to the right solution for you, your business, and your budget on our discovery call.

It’s hard to find someone outside of the company who cares enough to help create a vision and handle the important branding aspects of a design project. That’s what we needed, and Amanda was able to be that visionary for our company while working as a consultant.

The project plan was laid out specifically and concisely, and she followed it, but was also able to be flexible where needed, researching and filling in the blanks around our ideas. I am very happy with her work for us and would easily recommend her services.

Testimonial Item

Lawrence Sasso

Founder, Austonian Spirits

Visual branding wasn’t really something that was even on my radar at first. It wasn’t until I looked into more that I realized just how much a visual brand can have an impact on your business.

Having my visual branding done has made my confidence go to another level. I truly feel like it’s not only a fantastic representation of what I do, but I also feel like it makes such a better impression to potential clients.

I’m SO glad I decided to have Amanda craft a beautiful look to help me further establish my growing business.

Testimonial Item

Cassidy Hallesy

Website Copywriter & Designer

Amanda did such an epic job on all of this, exceeding my expectations. There’s something amazing about having your brand professionally done. Give her a shout if you are interested in increasing your brand’s appeal and professionalism.

She has taken Slackers to a whole new level and helped me understand my brand and business better than ever.

Testimonial Item

Derek Law

My brand was not easily portrayed visually, but Amanda captured it perfectly and it looks amazing!

She was really thorough, starting with a long and in-depth questionnaire that not only helped her understand my brand, but helped me understand it better. She was really communicative and collaborative too.

I 100% recommend Amanda!

Testimonial Item

Liz E.

This is absolutely for you if:

  • You want your branding to be meaningful and transcend aesthetics, becoming a true reflection of your vision and something you can be confident in.
  • You have a lot of ideas and could use help clarifying them.
  • You have motivation and excitement to grow your business.
  • You understand the important impact branding can have as it relates to the health and growth of your business.
  • You recognize that branding and design is not your zone of genius, and welcome input and advice from an expert.
  • You value an organized and streamlined process, and can prioritize your part in keeping the project moving.
Continuous line drawing showing half a brain and half a lightbulb, all shining brightly.

And, no offense, but this is NOT for you if:

  • You have trouble making and sticking to decisions, even with expert guidance.
  • You are only focused on what your brand looks like and not what it can do for your business.
  • You’re very attached to a specific visual and not open to reinvention or other ideas.
  • You’re not ready to stick to my proven process and timeline.
  • You aren’t able to actively participate when needed.
  • You’re unwilling to trust in my expertise and advice.
  • You are adamant that your target audience is ‘everyone.’

How it Works

Still here? Awesome. Here’s how it works:

You schedule a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation with me here. I’ll ask you questions and make sure we’re a good fit for working together.


We’ll get to know each other and chat your business and goals, share more about my process and packages, and get all of your questions answered. 


We decide on the best package for you, and you lock in your spot on my development calendar by signing the contract and paying the deposit.


You complete any pre-work, and we start our work together on your given start date. The first step is always making sure I understand your brand vision.

I deliver a new brand identity that empowers you to show up consistently, vibe with your dream audience, and catapult your business’ growth.

If you’re ready, then I’d love to talk to you.

Amanda Guerassio, founder of Studio Guerassio

About Me

Hi, I’m Amanda, resident brand and design nerd.

Crafting a custom brand that empowers you to transform your life and business to match your dreams is what I absolutely love to do.

I’m all about curiosity, transformation, focus, imagination, and order. It’s that unusual alchemy of creativity and strategy that gets you the kind of branding that will help you stand out and reach your goals.

My superpower is to clarify your big picture vision, distill that down to its essence, capture that abstract idea into visuals, and shape the visual story your brand tells. I turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

I specialize in bringing clarity to messy braindumps and translating ideas into concrete visuals, in a way that is part brand strategy, part brand coaching, and part brand therapy. My clients leave our work together with clear minds and a feeling of genuine excitement for their next step in their business.

If you value freedom, challenge, and authentic expression, and want to feel that it’s possible to have a brand that truly captures your vision and feels like a perfect fit, that it’s possible for your core brand to lend clarity and direction to every other aspect of your business… then I’d love to talk, and hear more about you and your business.

Check out my portfolio, if you haven’t already.

Let’s Make Brand Magic