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Amanda of Studio Guerassio

Slackers Brewing Co.

Ines Book Formatter

Johnny Walker's BBQ

Cassidy Hallesy

Now that’s an upleveled logo.


Each before logo isn’t necessarily ugly, but when it’s standing right next to the new and improved design – the difference in appeal is pretty significant.

If these two logos were competitors, one of those would be a pretty clear winner.

You want your business to look good and attract the right people, but either A) you aren’t sure where (or how) you would even begin to design a brand, or B) what you’ve DIY’d just isn’t cutting it anymore.


It may be time to get your brand house in order.

Am I the   brand designer you’re looking for?

Amanda Guerassio
Founder of Studio Guerassio
Brand Strategist & Designer

Guerassio: pronounced grr-AHH-see-oh.
It just rolls off the tongue once you know how to say it.

You may not know it but you and I probably have a few things in common

  • I’m a college graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.
  • I’m a wife and a mom, but my most frequent co-worker is my pup, Sienna (she may only be able to see colors in shades of yellow, blue, and gray but she’s still a great design partner).
  • I love the excitement and spontaneity of new adventures (which really freaked my mom out when I followed a boy to Austin, TX – sorry mom!)
  • Austin happens to be where I’ve settled down, although – plot twist – married to a different boy!

Life ended up introducing me to the world of freelancing post-college, which is exactly what led me to becoming an accidental entrepreneur. And I quickly fell in love with the freedom that came with it.

Like me, you also probably think that life is better when you surround yourself with other like-minded people, which is why I love working with motivated and highly ambitious, creative entrepreneurs. Whether your particular creative talent includes writing, images, food, lifestyle, advice, or something else entirely, I’m the designer that will make your business shine.

When I’m not designing, you’re likely find me snuggled up on the most comfortable part of the couch with my fuzzy socks, something chocolate, and a good book.

Brand design is only as good as the   strategy   behind it.

And I’ve got a trusted process that works.

With over a decade of design experience under my belt, I’ve been able to perfect how to:

  • Understand your business (and you) at its core
  • Highlight the unique qualities of your business- the ones that make you different than everyone else in your industry
  • Take your brand to a professional level that others will notice
  • Deliver a high-impact design

But most important is my commitment to helping you create the visual brand you love, and the visual brand your audience needs.

Let’s Brand Your Business

Who is Studio Guerassio?

When you work with me, you work with a business that’s built on these values:

Fairness justice scales icon


Freedom of choice – for me and my clients – in life, in business, in everything.

Quality award icon


Attention to detail, commitment to quality, and the reliability to do what I say I will, in the time I say I will.

Purposeful Design bullseye icon


The creative challenge of solving a puzzle or reinventing something, and the drive to always improve.

Openness icon


I am open and honest in my communication (no nonsense, no bull) and open to working with people of all kinds.

Along with my love of creating visual brand identities, each year I use a portion of the proceeds from Studio Guerassio to support worthy causes. Most recently this has included Austin Pets Alive, the NRDC, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and the Round Rock Serving Center.

I’m also a member of:

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