10 Ways to Impress Your Graphic Designer Wife This Christmas

Dec 19, 2016 | Goodies

Keep these tips in your holiday arsenal, and you can sit smug like this Santa come Christmastime each year. Here are 10 ways to impress your graphic designer wife:

1. Color-coordinated wrapping paper and gift bags.

Pick a color scheme and stick to it, down to the tags. Assuming she hasn’t already (months ago) planned and acquired supplies (possible).

2. Learn & use the correct names for different shades of the holiday colors.

Drop a cherry red or hunter green into casual conversation. Wintergreen and crimson if you’re feeling daring.

3. Sneak a Pantone element onto or under the tree.

She’ll be surprised you know what Pantone is.

4. Acquire some holiday coffee stencils and surprise her with artsy mug of coffee or hot cocoa.

Who doesn’t love beverage art? And surprise warm drinks in the winter?

5. Buy her a new font.

This would take some serious sleuthing on your part (figuring out what she already has and what she might want), but well worth it. This is probably the most impressive move on the list.

6. Compliment the color and size distribution in the placement of ornaments she hung, and arrangement of presents underneath the tree.

It’s more meaningful than just saying ‘that looks great.’ Step one: actually notice said careful distribution.

7. A small assortment of chocolate bars and/or wine, chosen for their packaging, will never go amiss.

You could do most beautiful packaging or most minimalist, a specific color scheme, or the ones with the most clever logos. So many possibilities! Though of course make sure they are flavors/varieties she’d actually enjoy, too.

8. Book an outing to an art museum, design event, or creative workshop- for your both.

It’s a rare designer who doesn’t also love art and getting crafty, and this would be a great date.

9. Don’t grumble that she picked out your outfit for the family photo in front of the tree.

Just smile and do as she asks. You know it’ll be a good photo.

10. Get creative with your food plating for gatherings.

Whether you get put in charge of the Christmas cookie plate, or a tray of meats and cheeses, don’t just throw it on there. Lay it out carefully- alternating patterns, and holiday shapes are all fair game.

What do you think? Did I miss any funny-but-actually-yes-do-that ideas?

The above list is in no way a reflection on my husband, who does indeed compliment my ornament arrangements and indulges my wrapping paper color schemes.


  1. LJ Sedgwick

    I love all of these!

    • Amanda Guerassio

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed! 🙂


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