25 Free Script Fonts

Continuing the full exposure of my font obsession, today I’m sharing with you 25 script fonts. Just in case you still need to put together your fancy holiday cards, these will fit the bill. Scripts are fonts that mimic the look of handwriting. They may or may not actually look handwritten. The list I did previously was all about the handwritten look, but today’s list features scripts that are more elegant and clean cursive. But as you’ll see, even within that narrow scope, you can find a decent range of styles and font personalities. And as before, all of these fonts are free to download and use. Check out the previews and download links below:

25 free script fonts

Download links:

  1. Aka Dora
  2. Alex Brush
  3. Blessed Day
  4. CAC Champagne
  5. Channel Slanted 2
  6. Corinthia
  7. Dragon is Coming
  8. Elegant
  9. Freebooter Script
  10. Halo Handletter
  11. Janda As Long As You Love Me
  12. Judith
  13. Lavanderia
  14. Living Together
  15. Marketing Script
  16. Miss Brooks
  17. Old Glory
  18. Rouge Script
  19. Sacramento
  20. Signarita Zhai
  21. So Lonely
  22. The Loyalist
  23. Veilchen
  24. Windsong
  25. Volutes

What are some of your favorite script fonts?

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