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Your Core Brand

Free 3-Day Training & Challenge

This challenge was originally held Nov. 4th – 6th, 2020, but you can still sign up to get the video replays and workbook below!

Get Your Core Brand Figured Out

Do you need some guidance (and maybe a kick in the butt) to actually sort out all of your ideas around your brand and get them laid out and defined?

This is for you if:⁠

  • You’ve been stuck or procrastinating on getting your core brand sorted out because it seems overwhelming or confusing.
  • You’ve never even thought about the core brand for your business, or you’re not even sure what a core brand is.
  • You’ve recently pivoted or niched or otherwise changed direction in your business and need to revisit your core brand to see what needs to be realigned or tweaked.
  • You’ve scaled your business super fast and your branding needs to catch up.

You’ll walk away with:⁠

  • Clarity around your brand and how to approach design, messaging, marketing, etc. for your business.
  • A solid bedrock to refer to any time you need help making a decision in your business – your core brand will be there to guide you.
  • Confidence and momentum to move forward with your business because you have a crystal clear vision about why it’s here and what you want for it.

How it Works

You’ll receive the links for each day’s replay as soon as you sign up, as well as the link for the workbook.

In the replays, I’ll walk you through a different section of your core brand, guiding you with questions and prodding you to dig deep and be specific. You can watch the videos and fill out the workbook at your own pace.

Since the live challenge has passed, the perks you’ll hear me mention in the replays are no longer available – just FYI! But my Liftoff Package is.


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Day One: Your Why

  • Why you started this business
  • Core values
  • Dream and vision for your biz
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Day Two: Your How

  • How you want to be perceived
  • How you want people to feel
  • The qualities and personality you want your business to evoke
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Day Three: Your Who

  • Who you want to serve
  • The gap in the market you’re filling
  • Your unique selling point(s)
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I just wanted to say, I’m so grateful I did this with you! I knew some things were off, but I never took the time to think about why that is.


after the brand exploration process

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Clarify Your Core Brand