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Clarify Your Core Brand mastetclass

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A combo masterclass and workbook to help you strategize and define the core brand for your business.

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Get Your Core Brand Figured Out

Do you need some guidance (and maybe a kick in the butt) to actually sort out all of your ideas around your brand and get them laid out and defined?

This is for you if:⁠

  • You’ve been stuck or procrastinating on getting your core brand sorted out because it seems overwhelming or confusing.
  • You’ve never even thought about the core brand for your business, or you’re not even sure what a core brand is.
  • You’ve recently pivoted or niched or otherwise changed direction in your business and need to revisit your core brand to see what needs to be realigned or tweaked.
  • You’ve scaled your business super fast and your branding needs to catch up.

Your brand can be your cornerstone, your compass, your megaphone and your magnet, all at once.

But you have to put in the effort.
Clarify Your Core Brand Masterclass

You’ll walk away with:⁠

  • Clarity around your brand and how to approach design, messaging, marketing, etc. for your business.
  • A solid bedrock to refer to any time you need help making a decision in your business – your core brand will be there to guide you.
  • Confidence and momentum to move forward with your business because you have a crystal clear vision about why it’s here and what you want for it.

Clarify Your Brand Today

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What exactly am I getting?

Clarify Your Core Brand Masterclass is a video link and accompanying PDF workbook that go together to help walk you through figuring out your core brand. 

What's inside?

A whole lot of brand clarity!

The video is me talking, with accompany slides, as I walk you through the different parts of branding, why a core brand is so important, and the questions to answer to clarify you core brand.

The PDF has those same questions with space to type or write your answers.

What if I have a problem with my download or order?

Well, I’d want to get that fixed for you right away! Send an email to and we’ll get you sorted.

Do you offer refunds?

As this is a digital product (with no shipping or possible damage in transit), there are no refunds once you purchase.