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Apr 1, 2019 | Creative Wavelength

Happy spring! No April Fools from me today, just awesome links from trawling the internet. It’s been too long since one of these round-ups, and I had some great stuff saved up. Take a look at these artsy and mind-catching finds:



Pencil logos by Bashir Sultani. Taking something as simple as a box of pencils and making unexpected art out of it.



Eyevan Tumbleweed

The wood sculptures of Eyevan Tumbleweed. I love stuff like this. Earthy and organic, and yet intricate and incredible.




Peggy Guggenheim’s Great-Grandson Created an Otherworldly Gallery in Tulum. This is like modern art meets hobbit hole, and I am loving every bit of it.



Lisa Lloyd

The paper craft of Lisa Lloyd. These are so incredible!



Colorful pasta

Pasta Chef Handcrafts Rainbow-Colored Noodles Using All-Natural Ingredients. These are so pretty I don’t know if I could eat them.



You’re Doing It Wrong – Advice on how to name your business, or rather how not to.

Typographic Magic: How to Make an Ambigram. In case you’ve ever wondered.

⇒ The Rise and Fall of Adobe Flash Player.

How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation. I don’t think I’m technically a millennial, but this was too relatable.

What creativity-related things have you come across recently that caught your eye or attention? Leave me a link!



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