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Oct 31, 2016 | Creative Wavelength

Happy Halloween! I don’t have anything spooky or scary for your today, because I honestly forgot this would be going up on Halloween. What I do have is another dose of awesome creative goodness & thinkery for your to enjoy. Have a look:

Amazing Intarsia Creations by T.A.G Smith. I love intricate, well-done wooden art like this!!



Alphabet Letters created from objects starting with that letter, by Rigved Sathe. This is kinda-sorta like what I did for my 36 Days of Type on Instagram, except way better.


Speaking of 36 Days of Type, this series by mistercarton is A+.

Why I just killed 30-day payment terms. “Do you pay the plumber 30 days later? No, you pay him as soon as he’s done with his work and before he leaves your house. Same goes with your painter, electrician, mechanic, house cleaner, attorney, dentist, doctor, therapist—the list goes on. They provide a service, you pay immediately.” Preach!!

The Accidental Power of Design.

The Moment I Realized I Was Being A Financial Asshole. About using that free image or free app and never clicking the Donate button.

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Have you stumbled upon any design-y, art-y, creative thinking-y gems lately? Do share!




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