Creative Wavelength: Instagram Edition

Aug 29, 2016 | Creative Wavelength

Time for another Creative Wavelength round-up! It’s been awhile since I shared some of my Instagram favorites, and I have a whole new batch for you to check out. These people are all doing wonderful, beautiful, creative things, and documenting the process for our enjoyment. Take a look.

Full disclosure: these are not straight screenshots, I cherrypicked what ‘grams to show based on what I’m most a fan of.


willowmarkworks: delicate and beautiful watercolors. I’m in awe of her blending skill.



rinneallen: found objects and pieces of nature captured in an ethereal way. She also does beautiful cyanotypes.



liaselina: gorgeous earthy mini scenes. Also an illustrator, but I just love her photo styling.



calligraphycult: her calligraphy is great, too, but I particular like the watercolor and metallic experiments she’s been doing lately.



flora.forager: whimsical scenes entirely made from petals and parts of plants.



fortythirdplace: intricate mosaic woodwork. I love well-done woodwork, and this account documents the process, too, which is cool.



linesacross: her current 100 Days of Rainbows project can’t help but cheer you up.


⇒ And of course, you can also find me on Instagram, over at studioguerassio.

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What are your favorite creative accounts to follow on Instagram?



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