My Design Project Bucket List

Jan 4, 2016 | Self Employdom

I’m taking a page from Bobby McKenna’s book and sharing my bucket list of design projects. These are the types of things my little designer heart would geek out over working on, and I hope to have the chance over the course of my career.

  • Identity and menu suite for a new local Austin restaurant with delicious food, budget for quality printing, and desire to establish a brand with personality
  • A full wedding invitation suite with all the (tasteful) bells and whistles
  • Album cover for a band whose music I love (I’d flip out for the Airborne Toxic Event, or Dotan)
  • Coordinating book covers for a sci-fi or fantasy series
  • Logo for a start-up that becomes a hugely successful business (bragging rights, what!)
  • Poster for a big-studio movie
  • Logo & packaging for craft brewery or vineyard or both
  • Have an invitation design (or several) picked up by Minted
  • Logo & packaging design for a chocolatier
  • Logo & branding for a local coffeehouse
  • Season program for a well-established theater
  • Book cover for a famous author and/or a big publishing house
  • Non-traditional/non-paper business cards for an adventurous client

I’m sure this list will grow and change in time, but meanwhile if you have a project that matches one of these, hit me up!

What’s on your career bucket list?



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