Gender reveal & baby shower postcard. 2016.

The mom-to-be wanted something bold and modern, but didn’t want any geometric patterns. She sent a few examples of things she liked, and we noticed a pattern of brush fonts and watercolor effects. She also really liked the idea of using gold foil. We settled on a vibrant blue watercolor effect with scattered confetti-like gold foil, and the main headlines also being in the gold foil. We stuck with a simple sans serif font for the details to counteract the ‘messy’ effect of the brush fonts and confetti.

We also had to work on the wording, as both parents-to-be are/were Air Force, and many family and friends are out of state (or country!). An in-person baby shower wasn’t going to be possible for a majority of them. Also, some family members were not native English speakers, so we had to get the idea across simply and in a translatable way. I came up with ‘Long Distance Baby Shower’ and they thought that would work perfectly.

It’s a double-sided 4.25″ x 6″ postcard so they could mail without needing envelopes and using the more affordable postcard stamps. The back/mailing side carries over the watercolor effect just a bit in the corner for consistency, while still leaving room for addressing, a short message if needed, and the post office’s bar code space.

Both of the parents-to-be were thrilled with how it turned out.