HB Creative Consulting logomark

Logo suite for HB Creative Consulting. 2020.

Hannah Berg was making the move from the corporate world to striking out on her own as a creative consultant for beauty and skincare studios. She handles brand development, social media strategy, photo and video, and collateral development, with an aim for great stories and smart execution rather than overnight short-term solutions.

She needed a look that fit her target industry but was still feminine, modern, friendly, bold, and sophisticated. For the logo suite, we landed on a customized logomark incorporating the letters ‘hb’ from her name, paired with a clean sans serif for the logotype. The color palette takes the types of pinks you would normally find in the beauty industry but modernizes it – a bright peach and a deep wine, paired with an eggshell blue, cool grey, and barest blush. It’s a fresh but feminine palette overall.

Also pictured: the social media promo image I created for her launch.