Johnny Walker's BBQ logo

Logo suite, label design, and brand guidelines for Johnny Walker’s. 2020.

Johnny Walker is a Central Texas barbecue pit-master who is releasing a line of seasonings and spices. He’s been tweaking family recipes for years and is finally ready to share them with the world. He and his business partner came to me to help them shape the look of their line, from the logo up through labels and sample kit box packaging (this last not pictured). We sat down for a big brand exploration (and some delicious steaks!!) to really nail down what he wanted this line to be.

Some of the ideas we were aiming for: tradition, bold, quality, and Texas. The shape of the badge in the logo was inspired by apothecary and whiskey labels, and the type treatment has a hint of western about it. Johnny himself is a boisterous, larger-than-life guy, so we definitely wanted to capture some of that feel as well.

Spice blends are currently in production, and a line of sauces is in the works, too. Stay tuned for more!