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Naming, Logo Suite, Print Collateral, Social Headers and Squarespace Website for Yoga Retreat Business.

Client: Lucent Wellness Experiences
Industry: Wellness
Date: 2022

Lucent Wellness Experiences is a new company offering weekend wellness retreats for busy professionals. Not everyone has the ability or time to do a 10-day retreat in Bali, but everyone needs a chance to escape, breathe, recharge, and connect. Lucent offers weekend yoga retreat escapes near urban areas to make them easily accessible.

The driving idea behind this brand was the idea of light and illumination. Founder Jack really wanted to stress that idea of lightness, of energy, of connection. We also wanted to make sure the brand came across as friendly, inviting, upbeat, and nature-oriented without being too rustic, too granola, or too feminine.

The logo takes its inspiration directly from the sun – particularly the rising sun and setting sun. The mark is an abstract take on this, with rays spreading out (or ripples of connection) from the illumination behind. This idea carries through the photography used for the brand, with lots of light shining through branches, lens flares, and similar. 

For the type, a natural-looking scrawl that captures the upbeat, authentic feel for the main title (Lucent) paired with a friendly lowercase serif for Wellness Experiences.

For the color scheme, sunrise and sunset again served as inspiration with a grouping of warm tones and a few blue sky tones to offset it.

Aside from naming help and the foundational branding elements, I also helped create some print collateral and the Squarespace website.

Lucent has launched in Austin and hopes to expand to other areas in 2023. You can visit their website here.

I am so happy with how you captured my voice. I thought you really pulled the brand story out of me in a helpful and productive way. You quickly dialed into exactly what I was hoping to express with this brand and have made it come to life so vibrantly.

Jack Reeves

Founder, Lucent Wellness Experiences

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