Book cover for Time Next. 2017.

Local Austin author Carolyn reached out to me to design the cover for the 2nd book in her feminist YA dystopia trilogy. She had changed publishing models for this book, which necessitated finding a new designer for this cover.

Because this is an ongoing series, we wanted to follow the look established in book 1’s cover while still giving book 2 it’s own spin. We kept the same fonts and same basic layout. The leaf element got aged, and the bottom graphic element changed to fit book 2’s content (it takes place in a 50’s-reminiscent suburb). We also changed the background color. Given the scope of book 2, we wanted to capture a general feeling of cheery menace – girly but dark. The sharp spikes of the picket fence and the thorns on the floral print help reinforce this, along with the dark background color.

Book was published in March 2018, and is available here.

I’ve also read both books in the series this far and would highly recommend!!

“I loved working with Amanda.

She made creating my book cover fun and painless. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

Carolyn Cohagan

Author, "The Lost Children" and the Time Zero trilogy

Book 1’s cover that I had to coordinate with.
Not designed by Studio Guerassio.
Book 2’s cover that continues the series.
Designed by me/Studio Guerassio.