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Jul 17, 2017 | News

While most of the design world seems to be geeking out over UI/UX, I still get excited about good ol’ print design.

Especially when the project was fun, and super especially once I get to see the actual, physical, finished piece out in the world. I’ve seen a few Studio Guerassio pieces make it from digital to real world lately, and wanted to share. Plus, for those folks who get these blog posts via email, you may not have seen some of this cool stuff in my portfolio yet if you haven’t stopped by the site in awhile. So yay! Double win all around.

Take a look at these recent projects:

save the date

Save the Dates. This couple is having a casual spring brunch wedding. They a) didn’t want to be too fancy, b) wanted to evoke spring without going floral, and c) wanted something that would capture their love of color and bold personalies. Et voilà! This is one of those times where a single concept was a clear winner right from the get-go, and had very few changes. Aka my favorite. 😀 This is so recent, it’s not even in my portfolio yet. I did their entire wedding suite, but only the save the dates have gone out so far, so stay tuned to see the whole set!

I have been waiting for this it seems like forever. Do you guys have any idea how long it takes alcohol licensing and label approval to go through all of the bureaucratic checkpoints? Hint: a LONG ASS TIME. So while my part of the design process for the labels on Austonian Spirits‘ first whiskey finished mostly up last year, it only just hit shelves at the beginning of this summer. And it does make for some very fine Instagram photos, as witnessed above! If you want to pick up a bottle of this sustainably matured whiskey yourself, check out their site for current locations it’s available (a growing list!).
Hover/zoom for captions with links to the photographers, or see @drinkingaustin / @bigwrldsmallgrl / @austinfoodstagram

Austin Cuisine 2017

And finally, we have the latest edition of Austin Cuisine (vol. 9, 2017), which also hit shelves at the beginning of this summer. I’ve been working with this magazine since 2010, and I have to say this cover is one of my favorites. I would nom that in a heartbeat. You can pick up a copy at Book People, Whole Foods, and certain locations of Central Market and Sprouts.

Other than these fun print pieces, I’ve been working on this, and also a brand refresh for Studio Guerassio itself. Even though that will be mostly digital, a big makeover reveal is another thing that gets me excited as a designer. Really, I’m easy to please. 😀

Fellow creatives or business owners, are you with me? Do you get excited, too, when you see your work come to fruition in a tangible way?



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