Clarity Package

Not sure where your branding stands or if a rebrand is needed?
Finally ready to take your business seriously and get your branding aligned?
Starting a new business and want to get its branding solid from the start?

This is for you.


Your Clarity Package

The Clarity Package is a guided brand exploration that helps you move past overwhelm when it comes to figuring out your branding.

I’ll help you eliminate confusion and contradiction in your branding, to arrive at a clearly defined core brand that you can confidently move forward with.

It Includes:

A tailored, in-depth questionnaire

to get at the heart of your business

A 1:1 call with me

to go through everything, and clarify anything still mushy

A PDF detailing your new core brand

for quick and easy reference


if you have any current branded materials or online presence, a PDF review by me, assessing how well your stuff measures up to your newly defined core brand, and what might need to change.


You’ll Get Clarity

We will walk through a brand exploration of where and what you want your business to be. Then, if you have any, I will look over your current visual branding, compare that with your stated goals and target market, and let you know a) how your current visuals measure up and b) any suggested improvements to get you closer to the mark.

Final deliverables are multi-page PDFs: one with your new core branding summarized for easy reference, and (optionally) one report with my assessment and recommendations for your current branding.

This package does not include any design work or implementation of suggested improvements. However, if after reviewing your report you feel any design upgrades should handled by me, you can absolutely upgrade to one of my other packages, and the fee you already paid for the Clarity Package will be credited there.


What People Are Saying

I just wanted to say, I’m so grateful I did this with you! I knew some things were off, but I never took the time to think about why that is – everything you said in the report was so helpful!
Ines M.

(book layout designer)

Amanda did such an epic job on all of this, exceeding my expectations. She has taken Slackers to a whole new level and helped me understand my brand and business better than ever.
Derek Law

Slackers Brewing Co.

Amanda is amazing! Her report was incredibly quick and full of juicy details! Thank you so much Amanda!
Katie Turner

Know Your Vibes Astrology

Amanda provided incredible, in-depth Brand Evaluation services in a timely manner, and gave me really helpful pointers that I didn’t even think of when first beginning my brand. Thank you so much, Amanda! It was a pleasure working with you.
Logan Elmore

Evergreen Clothing & Apparel


Your Clarity Package


$300 USD, paid in full up front


1-2 weeks
Currently open to bookings

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