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Is Your Brand Working For You... Or Against You?


First impressions are everything. Let’s ensure you’re making a good one.


A misaligned brand is a business headache in the making. It feels off and like it just doesn’t fit, so you don’t use it and you don’t build recognition. It’s not speaking to your ideal customer, so they pass you by. It doesn’t help broadcast who you really are and what you do, and so it’s a big missed opportunity.

It can be so much more than that.


Want to know if your brand is working for you?

Yes, Please!

Let's Identify Your Core Brand


Get a Clarity Brand Audit

You ever thought about why you like a certain brand?

If you think about it, the things that come to mind probably revolve around your own personal experience with that brand. Things like the quality around the product or service, and how your experience with them made you feel.

That brand you’re thinking of probably isn’t a fit for just anyone. There’s something about them that piques your specific interest. There’s a mutual correlation between you and that brand that draws you in.

Visual branding is how you describe your business without the words.

A brand built without strategic reasoning behind the design could be saying something completely different from what you want it to say.

You want to make it easy for your audience to recognize the essence and character of your business so they’ll have a good idea of what they can expect.


You’ll Get Clarity

Branding your business means so much more than choosing a cohesive color palette.

It’s building an idea and a reputation around your business.

When there are over 10 million color variations alone to choose from, trying to figure out a look that represents your business can get overwhelming really quickly!

Especially when you really aren’t sure what design direction to go in, what’s going to appeal to your audience, or where you should even start.

A strategically branded business begins with the end in mind.

Together we will explore, discover, and define the characteristics you want your business to be known for and align those with characteristics from your target market.

Once we’ve narrowed down on what you want your business’ design to communicate, I’ll do a brand audit on your current materials to see how they measure up.

You’ll walk away with a clearly defined core brand, and detailed suggestions about how to adjust your current visual branding.


Your Clarity Package

This is the roadmap that will give you a clear direction on how to build an effective visual brand that is unique to your business.

The guided brand exploration will reveal the true intentions behind your business and take away any uncertainty of how your business should be branded.

Use the results from your brand audit as guidance for needed changes and shifts in your branding as you continue to build the visual assets for your business.

It Includes:

A tailored, in-depth questionnaire

to get at the heart of your business

A 1:1 strategy call

to clarify essential information and lay the ground work

A PDF summary of your new core brand

for quick and easy reference

A PDF brand audit review

that will assess how well your current branding and online presence measures up to your newly defined core brand, recommendations on what might need to change, and suggestions for those changes.


What People Are Saying

When we saw your Clarity Package on your website, we knew it would be a great first “baby step” toward investing in our branding. It’s affordable and approachable, and gave us a ton of things to consider about how to get our rebranding started. We now have the tools we need to make some real, actionable decisions about our brand aesthetic and message. The Clarity Package forced us to formalize and write down so many important brand elements that we had only talked about. Now we have a blueprint for what needs to change.

Nicole Fallon & Sean Peek

Lightning Media Partners

Amanda provided incredible, in-depth Brand Evaluation services in a timely manner, and gave me really helpful pointers that I didn’t even think of when first beginning my brand. Thank you so much, Amanda! It was a pleasure working with you.

Logan Elmore

Evergreen Clothing & Apparel

Amanda was amazing to work with! We have a small team of mostly family with varying professional backgrounds, so it can be hard to get us all on the same page. Amanda was able to take in everyone’s unique wants and concerns, and build a plan for us to move forward with that we could all get on board with. Now, our brand is on its way to looking more cohesive and preparing for a national expansion!
Taryn G.

PR & Communications Manager, family-owned distillery

I just wanted to say, I’m so grateful I did this with you! I knew some things were off, but I never took the time to think about why that is – everything you said in the report was so helpful!

Ines M.

(book layout designer)


Your Clarity Package


$500 USD, paid in full up front


1-2 weeks
Currently open to bookings

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a brand exploration?

This is where we will get clear on the goals and uniqueness of your business. We’ll dive into what you want your business to be, who you want to serve, market fit, core values, and more. These are the questions that will give us a clear direction to head in the design process.

What is a core brand?

A core brand is made up by the qualities, values, and characteristics that your business stands for and the elements that surround the future vision of your business and the features of the people you want it to attract. It’s a declaration of what makes your business unique and how it stands out in the market.

What is a core brand summary?

After the brand exploration, I wrap up all the information about your new core brand into an easy to reference PDF.

What exactly will I get with this package?

Final deliverables are two multi-page PDFs.

First is your Core Brand Summary which will summarize your new core branding for easy reference.

Second is your Visual Branding Review, which is your brand audit: a report of my assessment of your current branding with recommendations (i.e. color and typography suggestions) that would be more aligned with your core brand

What if I don’t have any current branding?

If you’re a brand new business without any materials yet – awesome! A blank slate. We can uncover your core brand and get you set up with your new Look in one of my design packages. Check out my custom branding services.

Will a logo be designed for me?

This package does not include any design work or implementation of suggested improvements.

However, if after reviewing your visual branding report you feel any design upgrades should be handled by me, you can absolutely upgrade to a custom design package, and the fee you already paid for the Clarity Package will be credited there.

Do you offer payment plans?

I do not offer a payment plan for this particular package.

However, if after the completion of this project you decide to work with me on implementing the recommended changes, the $500 fee paid for this package will be applied as a credit towards the additional services rendered.

What if I have more questions?

I check all of my own email so feel free to send any and all questions, comments, and concerns to