Foundation Package

Build a Signature Look Your Business Can Stand On


A look and logo design to attract, intrigue, and impress.


Welcome your audience with a visual introduction that’s specifically built around what you do and who you serve.


Ready to build your brand foundation?


Creating a Look You Can Run With


Build a Brand Foundation

When it comes to attracting business for your business, first impressions matter.

The first thing your audience will notice about your business is: its look. Appearance is something that’ll never go unnoticed and never be ignored.

When you dress your business with a visual brand that is specifically designed to appeal to your ideal clientele, you put your business on the fast track to getting noticed.

A dynamic logo design stands out in the market place and smartly advertises the core of your business.

From the first moment someone lays eyes on your business, you want your visual brand to be a solid indication of the kind of business you have. The look and logo are the building blocks that effectively communicate those ideas.


You’ll Set Your Foundation

You started your business for a reason.

You’ve got the drive, the passion, and the expectations to deliver a high level product or service and now you need a way to present your business to the world.

You’ve brought your business baby into existence and now it’s time to differentiate it from all the other online coaches, consultants, and creative entrepreneurs out there.

Your business needs a personality and identity of its own. The best and only way to do that is to extract the true purpose behind your business.

The right look and logo design will embody what your business stands for at its core.

We’ll dive into what makes your business stand out from the herd. Those are the ideas we’ll use to find your unique place in the market and build a look that brings the vision of your business to life.


Your Foundation Package

If your design budget only has room for one thing, make it this. This is a key first step in setting up your brand for success.

After working together, you’ll have a clearly defined core brand that you can feel confident in.

With the cornerstone of your visual branding set up, you’ll immediately be able to begin establishing a consistent and professional look for business.

Whatever marketing direction you take, you’ll have the visual assets you need to make a statement for your business.

It Includes:

A tailored, in-depth questionnaire

to get at the heart of your business

A 1:1 strategy call

to clarify essential information and lay the ground work

Logo design and variations

so you’re set for any need

Detailed brand guidelines

so you can confidently craft on-brand materials as you move forward


What People Are Saying

Amanda did such an epic job on all of this, exceeding my expectations. There’s something amazing about having your brand professionally done. Give her a shout if you are interested in increasing your brand’s appeal and professionalism.

She has taken Slackers to a whole new level and helped me understand my brand and business better than ever.

Derek Law

Slackers Brewing Co.

I was immediately comfortable with Amanda. Most importantly, she understood what I wanted and shared ideas for me to consider. It was great to have a professional help me think about what I might need. I know I asked a lot of questions about what she could design and then how I could use it. Every single question was answered!

Amanda was OUTSTANDING to work with!

Kimberly Penharlow

Leadership Coach, CEO, Kimberly Penharlow Consulting

I am in love with my new logo. Amanda’s approach was very professional and thorough. I really feel like I got the best result I could have asked for.

Allie Schultz


Amanda was extremely thorough and a pleasure to work with. I would encourage anyone looking to rebrand or start a brand to reach out to her for her services!

Alina Dampt



Your Foundation Package

How to Book?

Fill out this form! It will send me your info, and take you to my calendar where you can book our discovery call. This is not a commitment! It’s just a call to find out about your business and goals and see if we vibe.


$2,200 USD


4 weeks
Currently booking for July-Sept. 2022.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know what look I want for my business?

No worries! It is my job to create a visual direction and design that will be a perfect fit for your industry, your vibe, and your uniqueness.

What is a brand exploration?

This is where we will get clear on the goals and uniqueness of your business. We’ll dive into what you want your business to be, who you want to serve, market fit, core values, and more. These are the questions that will give us a clear direction to head in the design process.

What is a logo suite?

This includes your main logo, an alternate logo (usually in a different orientation from your main logo), and submark (the standalone symbol or icon you can use for things like avatars). I also make sure you have all the versions you’ll ever need across print, web, full color, one-color, etc. These are neatly labeled, packaged up, and delivered to you.

How many revisions are included?

Once an initial concept is chosen to move forward with there is an opportunity for up to 3 rounds of revisions to make it just right!

What are brand guidelines?

I wrap up all of the info about your new look into an easy to reference PDF. It covers how to use your new logo (i.e. which style and file type for which situation), your brand colors (including color codes), typography, and recommendations on imagery to complement these.

What happens if I decide I want a full brand build-out?

Fantastic! If throughout this project you decide you’d like to go ahead and get every single part of the visual branding for your business taken care of, you can absolutely upgrade to the Liftoff Package and your fee paid from this project will be credited.

What if I have more questions?

I check all of my own email so feel free to send any and all questions, comments, and concerns to