A Little Update

Feb 26, 2018 | News

It’s been a little quiet here on the blog for the last month and a half. If you’ve been curious as to why my bi-weekly blog posts fell by the wayside, it’s because I’ve had something else demanding occupying my attention.

Namely, this little bit of news:

Easily the most ambitious creative project yet undertaken here at casa Guerassio. 😁 Our first little one is due this coming August. I’ve been a bit absent here on the blog and on social media because those first trimester woes are no joke. The fatigue and the nausea limited what I could handle tackling in any given day or week. Client work still continued on schedule and up to par, but I had no mental juice leftover to figure out a blog post or tweet.

Happily, I am now into the second trimester, and at least for me it’s been true that the nausea goes away and energy starts coming back. So I intend to pick up this blogging thing again now.

So what does an incoming little one mean for the future of Studio Guerassio?

Well, for the next few months, not much will be different. I’ll still be handling my normal client workload and doing my normal business-y things. If you’ve been waiting to work with me, now is the prime time to get that on the books. I’ll also be moving where my office is located in our house, since it’s currently in the extra bedroom that’s becoming the nursery. TBD on how I’ll like working in the loft without 4 solid walls and a door that closes. 😬

Come around August when baby will be making its appearance, I’ll be taking some maternity leave. I’m not sure how long yet. At least a month. Maybe longer, depending on how I feel and how it goes with the newborn. But, once maternity leave is over, I absolutely plan on being back at Studio Guerassio full time. This designer isn’t going anywhere on that front.

During my maternity leave, I will understandably be out of office and response times will be MUCH slower. I hope to have a trustworthy designer or two working as back-up in case of a Design Emergency while I’m out. But I’ll also work with all current clients to shift around project loads and make sure we wrap everything up with some leeway before my due date.

Other than that, it’ll be a lot of playing it by ear and adjusting to baby’s needs/moods. But I’m excited for all of it. 😁

If you’re a business owner and parent yourself, how did you handle the arrival of your first little one?




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