Creative Wavelength: Instagram Edition

Jan 8, 2018 | Creative Wavelength

Let’s kick off the new year with some awesome, unique work that deserves a shout-out! For this edition of Creative Wavelength, I trawled my feeds for people sharing their next-level creativity and creations. Prepare to have your Instagram feed beautified. Check out these artists:

Full disclosure: these are not straight screenshots, I cherry-picked what ‘grams to show based on what I’m most a fan of.


Ann Wood is a master at making PAPER art look like real living things – namely flowers, foliage, and winged things. Her feed is just so pretty!


Meredith mejerle rush

Meredith Mejerle Rush is an artist who combines delicate botanical drawings with watercolor washes, to lovely effect. Her black and white and blush palette is just so calming.



Alexandra Yarushina is a Russian illustrator with a talent for achieving great shading and detail in very small pieces.



Speaking of tiny pieces, Xose Roi Martínez‘s itsy bitsy, icon-like ink drawings are a marvel.



For a punch of color to see us off, check out Guillermo Vigil‘s work. This type artist is an expert on bold precision and letterforms.


⇒ And of course, you can also find me over on Instagram, at studioguerassio.

Who are your favorite creative and artsy people to follow on Instagram?




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