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Jun 26, 2017 | Creative Wavelength

Another portion of the way around the sun, and it’s time for another Creative Wavelength. Here are the projects and thought-pieces that have caught my eye lately in the world of art, design and creativity:

Jaime Molina sculpture 1

Jaime Molina sculpture 2
These mysterious wooden sculptures by Jaime Molina manage to be both whimsical and contemplative. I love them both the arboreal style and the use of nails.


Surreal painter combines portraits with landscapes

Surrealist painter Beau Bernier Frank creatively combines portraiture with landscapes, for a beautiful yet eerie result.



I love the textured and layered illustrations by SFF artist Galen Dara. She also sums up my views on this genre perfectly: “As a reader I value SF’s ability to be both delightful escapism and searing social commentary.”


Delicate paper cuts of endangered animals

Artist Patrick Cabral collaborated with the World Wide Fund for Nature to create these delicate paper cuts of endangered animal species. I’m always amazed at the mastery with intricate paper cutting like this – I would tear that so easily.


⇒ How’s this for merging the creative and analytical sides? Lego bricks that function as working circuit parts.

⇒ An important note for creative business owners everywhere: Don’t let gurus sell you on survivorship bias.

⇒ Two articles on value pricing: Why You Need to Price According to Value Not Time and Getting paid for what you know, not what you do.

The Slash Workers : The Future of Work is Independent.

Does Nothing Have a Color?

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Have you found anything that wowed you lately? Share below!




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