Why a Good Logo Doesn’t Cost $5

Nov 13, 2017 | Branding Basics, The Business of Design

There are two ideas to keep in mind when considering the cost of a good logo design.

The first starts with a question: How much is your business’ success worth to you?

A good logo can do a lot for your business. If your new logo helps you stand out from competitors, be more memorable, and draw in more of the right kind of customers, how quickly does that investment pay for itself? Conversely, if you have a logo that does nothing for your business, or worse- gives your business a bad image, what is that costing you in lost sales and reputation? Weigh these questions in your mind when evaluating a custom logo proposal to put things in perspective.

The second idea is an oldie but goodie: You get what you pay for.

If you want a quality result, expect to pay quality prices. It really is that simple. Quality takes time and skill, and the designers providing both of those deserve to be compensated accordingly. They are putting research, years of industry knowledge, and a high level of technical refinement into your project. Someone offering a logo for $5 or $50 is not doing that. They can’t afford to put in much time on your project at that price point. For that level, you’re likely getting a stock logo with your name switched in, rather than something customized to your business, audience, and vibe.

The bottom line: if you value quality and want a logo that actually helps your business, expect to pay more than $5.

What is a good logo worth to your business?

Need Logo Help?
Helping you hone in on the perfect logo is part of my job. If you have a new creative or lifestyle business and are struggling to come up with a logo, check out my visual branding services to get started.



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