Where to Start with Branding & Design

Nov 27, 2017 | Goodies, The Business of Design

Today I thought it would be useful if I did a round-up of posts for those new to this blog or new to the branding and design world. I know that for a lot of business owners (new and veteran), figuring out where to start with branding and design can be a bit daunting. If I can help save you time researching, or clear up any confusion about the design process, that’s what I’d like to do. In that light, here are the most pertinent posts from the archives for you, my fellow business owners.

As far as exactly where to start, I think it’s first important to have a grasp on that slippery term: branding. If you can only spare time to read one post on this list, make it this first one:

What is Branding, Exactly? 5 Key Components

Have you ever wondered “what is branding, exactly?” Then this post is for you. I break branding down into its 5 key components and explain each one. Read more >>>

For further reading, I’ve broken it down into categories:

On Branding

On Logos

On Design

Hopefully the information in these posts helps you with your business, whether in thinking about branding differently or knowing what to expect from working with a designer. Helping business owners onto the path towards better branding and a more successful business is why I started this blog.


Did you find this useful? Where there other questions on branding or design not answered here?



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