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Apr 2, 2018 | News

Nothing gives me more satisfaction as a designer than seeing new work make its way out into the world.

This is probably why I will always slightly favor print work and identity work over the more ephemeral web. When you can go to a local bookstore and see something you designed on a shelf, that’s a special feeling. Or when you check your mailbox, and there’s an invitation you helped create waiting for you, that’s its own kind of thrill as well. Pulling up a website on a computer or phone just doesn’t have the same effect. So when I get a chance to show off new work that is physically out in the world, I tend to geek out a little. 😀

Without further ado, take a look at these new additions to my portfolio (and you can click through on each for the full the write-up):

casual spring brunch wedding suite

I can finally share this whole suite! This was a super fun project and I’ve been bursting to show it off in its entirety. Liz & Brett tied the knot this past month, and so now I am free to share everything we designed for their fun, casual brunch wedding. It included much more than what’s pictured here, click through to see the entire line-up.

Time Next book cover

I designed this cover for book two in a YA dystopian series, for local Austin author Carolyn Cohagan. It was an interesting challenge, coming in as the designer in the middle of the series. You can read more about this project here, or buy your copy of Time Next here.

PZ (38)t hardcover

In other book cover fun, gaming studio Wargaming contracted me to do the English-edition cover for the latest in their line of military tank history/strategy books. This was heavy on the Photoshop work! You can read more here. Be on the lookout for more World of Tanks covers from me soon. 😉

Not too shabby of a portfolio update, eh? In the works right now I have an annual report for a non-profit, a logo for a new creative business, and an identity suite for a brewery. All fun stuff! Watch for them in my next new work round-up.

What new projects have you been up to lately?



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