Lightning Media Partners

Logo suite and brand guidelines for Lightning Media Partners. 2021.

Nicole and Sean first came to me for a Clarity Package brand audit, to take a look at their old branding and see how it measured up to their vision for where their business was going. They’d had quite a growth spurt, and expanded from just a team of two freelancers into a full-fledged content and editorital agency, and had an inkling their branding needed to change to reflect that.

They were right. Shortly after receiving the report from their audit, they returned to me to help them come up with a new Look that was more in line with the new reality of their business and how they wanted to represent it.

We wanted to emphasize the ideas of simplicity, striving for growth, high quality being streamlined and agile, and being proactive and adventurous. 

The result was a fresh and versatile new logo suite and color palette, and detailed brand guidelines to help them implement everything going foward.

They are currently in the process of reworking their website in order to launch the new branding.

The new logo concept Amanda developed is such a great representation of the brand we’ve always wanted to project, but never could have imagined by ourselves. We are so excited to have a fresh new look that better reflects who we are as a business!

Nicole Fallon & Sean Peek

founders of Lightning Media Partners

Lightning Media Partners logo suite