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Whether you’re building your next business, or re-launching your existing one, Studio Guerassio has the branding expertise to help. Let’s hone your vision, define your core brand, strategize on positioning, and bring it all to life in a magnetic visual identity so that your business is poised to take off.

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It’s hard to find someone outside of the company who cares enough to help create a vision and handle the important branding aspects of a design project. That’s what we needed, and Amanda was able to be that visionary for our company while working as a consultant.

The project plan was laid out specifically and concisely, and she followed it, but was also able to be flexible where needed, researching and filling in the blanks around our ideas. I am very happy with her work for us and would easily recommend her services.

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Lawrence Sasso

Founder, Austonian Spirits

Visual branding wasn’t really something that was even on my radar at first. It wasn’t until I looked into more that I realized just how much a visual brand can have an impact on your business.

Having my visual branding done has made my confidence go to another level. I truly feel like it’s not only a fantastic representation of what I do, but I also feel like it makes such a better impression to potential clients.

I’m SO glad I decided to have Amanda craft a beautiful look to help me further establish my growing business.

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Cassidy Hallesy

Website Copywriter & Designer

Amanda did such an epic job on all of this, exceeding my expectations. There’s something amazing about having your brand professionally done. Give her a shout if you are interested in increasing your brand’s appeal and professionalism.

She has taken Slackers to a whole new level and helped me understand my brand and business better than ever.

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Derek Law

My brand was not easily portrayed visually, but Amanda captured it perfectly and it looks amazing!

She was really thorough, starting with a long and in-depth questionnaire that not only helped her understand my brand, but helped me understand it better. She was really communicative and collaborative too.

I 100% recommend Amanda!

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Liz E.

Let’s Make Brand Magic